Project management

Implementing your projects takes priority for us.

During an initial consultation, we work with your top management to clarify your goals, any existing deviations from the target state and your expectations of the project results.

Based on the nature of the project, we explain specifically how we work as a project manager to ensure results and coordinate this with you.

  1. Product development projects for industry
  2. Projects to start up and/or retrofit production lines
  3. Projects to manufacture and deliver foundation structures for wind turbines
  4. IT projects for industry, banking and insurance
  5. Digitalisation projects for trade and industry

Overview - focused on frequently requested topics


The preparation phase starts with the assignment of a project manager by the management (or by a similar role) from the line organization to lead a project and with the formation of a project organization in cooperation with the management of the line organization (1 and 2). The project result as well as the completion date is determined by the management's specification.


With the order from the management, the project manager, in cooperation with the affected department heads of the line organization, prepares the following documents, among others:

  • Project proposal (SMART) with product definition, product structure incl. CTQ and dependencies
  • Members of a steering committee, project team (RACI- Matrix)
  • Milestone plan (rough) for the delivery of the products (backward scheduling)

The documents prepared by the project manager are approved by the selected steering committee members and the management in a meeting (see 3).

In a kick-off meeting with the steering committee and the defined team members, the project, the product structure and the rough milestone plan, among other things, are presented and agreed (see 4). The dates for status reports are set.

The teams start developing and delivering the products according to the project plan. For product development, the teams may use agile methods (SCRUM). If deviations from the specifications or expectations (CTQ) are identified by the teams during product development, these are to be clarified by the project manager and the steering committee members and/or the management. The deviations are documented by the project manager in the list of open items (LOP) (see 5, 6).

After product completion, the results are presented to the steering committee by the project manager and the team involved (see 7). Possible open items (LOP) to be closed by the line organization are discussed.

Depending on the company's situation, the Steering Committee gives the go-ahead for the completion of further products (see 7).

Operations 5, 6 and 7 are repeated until all products are completed.

Following the initial consultation and a visit to the organisational units concerned, you will receive a quotation for the project management tasks.

We hold PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification.

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