Lean digitalisation

Our approach

During an initial consultation (current state), we work with the top management to clarify the goals, any existing deviations from the target state and the expectations of the results.

We draw on our expertise in existing systems to focus on localising or quantifying

  1. Absent or deficient mapping of company processes
  2. Breaks in the information flow within and between processes
  3. Redundant information retention within and between processes
  4. Absent or deficient evaluations, workflows, escalation management to control and monitor processes
  5. Absent or deficient BI or AI functions to support employees when working in the corresponding processes.

Following the initial consultation and a visit to the organisational units concerned, you will receive a quotation for the analysis phase.

At the end of the coordinated analysis phase, we can draw up a quotation for support (project management) in selecting and introducing possible system suppliers to implement the requirements described by the key users.

Our approach in detail